Growth of Technology in Times of Covid

Each passing years we see developments and innovations around us. Innovations have been an integral part of human ecosystem. Technology has brought a radical change in people's lives, and we adopted to changes over time.

However, the major leap in Healthcare technology is witnesed during the times of COVID. Industries have gone through striking changes from-the-ground-up during these years. There has been a lot of hysteria during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recognizing the effects of Pandemic most of Software Technology and IT companies adopted work-from-home.

Small and Medium Industries suffered losses during these times. In an attempt to improve during the challenging years, industries have switched to full-scale eCommerce platforms.


Digitalization accelerated Industries to avoid free fall and sustain business. There is a surge in digital hardware and online activity in students, doctors, small business, and non-tech-savvy individuals as they started surfing the digital world.

As work moved from offices to homes working class had to embrace changes in personal and professional lives. Similarly learinig moved from in-person to virtual as a result there is a rise in online meeting applications.

Hospitals across world have started consulting patients online. Educational institions have taken up full time online teachings.

Covid-19 has changed the way we see and interact with mundane tasks such as travelling to officies and schools, education and learning, entertainmnet, hospitals ans many more. Common factor in transforming all industries has been digitization, IT companies are acting as a flag beares to this change.

Flora Mathew

Flora Mathew

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