Hospital Management System

Build a trusted health care service

Coracias Hospital Management System helps automate your hospital with paperless workflow using state of art modern web application. Helps to reduce operating cost and guarantees medical and quality standards.

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Pharamacy Management System

Reliable digital pharmacy working model

Coracias Pharmacy Management System helps to manage drug dispensing, inpatient and outpatient pharmacy. It is an autonomous software which can be configured to work with Clinics and Hospitals.

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Why Choose Us

Why Coracias Infomatics?

We focus in delivering efficient software services and solutions. We provide fully integrated software services delivered by our own cloud based platform giving secure and robust solutions for all your requirements.

  • Own Cloud Service

  • CLients-our priority

  • Transparency in Work flow

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Explore our products and services

Secure, Reliable and Hosted In-House

Along with Hospital management products we also provide personal/commercial website building services.

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The significant weaknesses the IT industry is facing now is due to the fall in the economy, as a lot of companies are forced to ask their employees to work from home (remotely) keeping ...

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Growth of Technology in Times of Covid

With each passing year we see many developments and innovations around us. Innovation has been an integral part in human life. Technology has brought a drastic change to the ...

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